Uruguay Is a Safe Place for a Motorhome

Road adventures are meant to be challenging. Motorhome travellers who opt against the amenities of mainstream tourist destinations prepare for bad roads, spaced out gas stations and lack of clean water when they head for Latin America. Then there are the less fun challenges. Few want to spend days or weeks of their hard earnedContinue reading “Uruguay Is a Safe Place for a Motorhome”

Uruguay Is the Best Country

Uruguay es el mejor paĆ­s was likely meant as an absurdly melodramatic claim. In the early years of Youtube, a Russian-German violinist realized that videos could go “viral” when young-ish people took turns showing each other weirdly funny videos on the internet. So, in his piece Uruguay, he sings excitedly: Yo me voy a UruguayPorqueContinue reading “Uruguay Is the Best Country”