Uruguay Is a Safe Place for a Motorhome

Road adventures are meant to be challenging. Motorhome travellers who opt against the amenities of mainstream tourist destinations prepare for bad roads, spaced out gas stations and lack of clean water when they head for Latin America.

Custom built Motorhomes parked in Uruguay during southern hemisphere winter.
The place in the Canelones Department is called Paraíso Suizo – the classic Swiss Postauto (center-right, yellow-white) adds authenticity

Then there are the less fun challenges. Few want to spend days or weeks of their hard earned sabbatical negotiating bribes with corrupt port officials. Which is why the port of Montevideo is a favorite landing spot for motor homes from overseas for a long (off-)roadtrip.

Customs clearing procedures in Uruguay are said to be less tedious than in neighboring Brazil and Argentina, and officials apply common sense rather than blackmail.

Vehicles of overseas owners can stay in Uruguay for long-ish times, unlike in Argentina or Brazil, where laws require them to leave within weeks or months. So some have been leaving them there for winter to continue their trip next year.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Uruguay became the place where many of these trucks spend their quarantine, with or without their owners.

Locked down, but with a view: An offroad motorhome making the best of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Jaureguiberry, Canelones, Uruguay

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