Construction Site Asados

It’s almost impossible not to eat an asado while you’re in Uruguay. Even if you come with a range of rational arguments against beef orgies, you’re best of leaving them in a hotel safe for at least one day to experience the whole body ritual that is an asado.

You’ll eat a ridiculous quantity of meat, from cows that were raised under the open sky all year around. It will be served from above embers that come in a steady flow from a little wood fire beside the barbecue grill.

In Uruguay it must be a wood fire, never from charcoal, because that’s what Argentinians do, and the asado ritual is about roots.

One of the most authentic ways to celebrate an asado is in the middle of a shift on a building site. There likely won’t be a comfortable place to do it there, nor whole-hearted support from management, which makes it as raw and masculine as the asado experience can get.

The indoors people paying staff to serve the same meat on a table with white tablecloths and good wines secretly know that they’re not doing it right.

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