Uruguay Is the Best Country

Uruguay es el mejor país was likely meant as an absurdly melodramatic claim. In the early years of Youtube, a Russian-German violinist realized that videos could go “viral” when young-ish people took turns showing each other weirdly funny videos on the internet. So, in his piece Uruguay, he sings excitedly:

Yo me voy a Uruguay
Porque me gusta la gente
Yo me voy a Uruguay
es casi siempre caliente
Mejor que Francia y mejor que Paris

I’m going to Uruguay
Because I like the people.
I’m going to Uruguay
It’s almost always hot.
Better than France, better than Paris

Behind the obvious irony of every sound and movement that the singer/violinist/composer makes, there is a deep truth:

Uruguayans are among the most pleasant people to be around.

Winters here are short and mild by Northern Europeans’ measures.

Move to France instead, and you will regret it.

Years later, the Uruguayan Tourism Ministry paid for a second video shoot, flying the artists in to have them perform in front of both types of Uruguayan landscapes (rural and beach). Say el mejor país, and everyone in Uruguay knows which country you’re referring to. There are entire channels dedicated to referencing the song and its message.

Thank you, strange European violinist.

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